SmorgasPod Ep.45 – Stand By ‘IT’

It’s a quick one this week, but we still pack in the chat! As well as catching up, we also talk about the new horror film,…
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SmorgasPod Ep.44 – Three Weddings and a Fune-Reel

Amongst the new film release chat, we discuss all the weddings we’ve currently attended/started planning. Also the closure of our local Reel cinema….
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SmorgasPod Ep.43 – Kung Fu Sandwich

Amongst the chat this week we do the fourth ‘Indirector’s Commentary’ for YouTube and Netflix hit, ‘Kung…
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SmorgasPod Ep.42 – Treat Me Tangently

It’s all over the fu*kin’ place this week! *sighs*…
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SmorgasPod Ep.41 – Vinyl Destination

This week we chat about film crossovers and the resurgence of…
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SmorgasPod Ep.32 – The Indirector’s Commentary #3 Rick & Morty

This week sees the return of ‘The Indirector’s Commentary’ as we watch the pilot episode of ‘Rick & Morty’. We also chat about classic web cartoon series ‘Homestarrunner’. Then just for good measure we throw in some chat about politics.


SmorgasPod Ep.26 – Celebranonymity

Statler & Waldorf…ER!… I mean… Arron & Andy chat about their week, looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 and what it must be like to be a celebrity.

SmorgasPod Ep.25 – Zombukkake!

Our heroes are joined in the studio this week by long time friend Keith Nickson. We talk about The Last Jedi Teaser, New Doctor Who… And Zombie ejaculate.

SmorgasPod Ep.24 – Tombinator: The Lara Connor Crofticles

This week’s opener is best with headphones!
Words and voices by Andy Welch, used with permission. Original song by Boney M, used with respect. Track by Karaoke-Version, used with thanks. Mixed and mastered by Arron Dennis, used to within an inch of his life


SmorgasPod Ep.23 – Hosts In A Shell

Arron’s slightly sick, but Andy’s feelin’ fiiiine! So We chat about the upcoming ‘Ghost In The Shell’ film and hear Andy’s review of the live action ‘Beauty and the Beast’.


SmorgasPod Ep.21 – We Are Tim

Join us this week as we chat to filmmaker Jamie McKeller (@redshirtjamie) about his web series ‘I Am Tim’. We also talk about ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ and what we’d like to see from future Marvel movies.

SmorgasPod Ep.14 – Professor F-Bomb!

It’s been a turbulent week out there in the real world and we can’t (and shouldn’t) ignore that. But we sure as heck can talk about some of the other stuff that makes life awesome afterwards.


SmorgasPod Ep.9 – Christmas ‘Grinch-A-Long’

Join us as we watch along and comment on the 2000 film ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’. Make sure to load up the DVD to listen to podcast or it ain’t gonna make a lot of sense.